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Happiness in Abundance


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Celebrate With Bai Le Shu

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivals of the year, welcomed with grand festivities that celebrate meaningful, old traditions.

Join Paramount as we welcome the Year of the Mouse with Bai Le Shu and his family, bringing happiness, prosperity, and good fortune to all.


Festive Fun With Bai Le Shu

Ready for some interactive Chinese New Year fun with Bai Le Shu?

Download our exclusive augmented reality (AR) app now! Explore old Chinese New Year traditions in a new light with Bai Le Shu and his family through AR-powered stories – you can even take selfies with him.

How it works:

Step 1. Visit our sales gallery and collect our limited-edition Bai Le Shu ang pows.
Step 2. Scan the QR code on the ang pow to download the AR app.
Step 3. Launch the app, scan the ang pow, and watch Bai Le Shu come to life.

QR Code

Scan to download our app ‘Paramount Property’

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Win an iPhone 11 Pro Now

The God of Prosperity is giving out a fortune of riches! Help Bai Le Shu collect them all in Fortune Catch and win great prizes*. You could even walk away with an iPhone 11 Pro or a Nintendo Switch!

There are two rounds of contest giveaways, so don’t miss out!

Contest period
Round 1: 10 – 20 Jan 2020
Round 2: 23 Jan – 3 Feb 2020

*Terms & Conditions apply

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