Paramount Property strives to be the people’s developer, creating spaces that will truly make lives better for all. We strive to Design for Life, creating products to suit the different stages of life’s journey. We place People First, from the people we build for, to those who grow with us – we make their needs our priority. We work to Uplift Communities through sustainability practices and by supporting initiatives that will leave the world a better place for many more years to come.


Tranquil Living in the City

THE STAR (15 March 2024) – Nestled along the Embassy Row neighbourhood, The Ashwood is more than just an elite enclave surrounded by embassies, high

Seloka Raya Bersama

Semoga Aidilfitri kali ini dapat membawa harapan & kesvukuran vang mengembirakan, disambut dengan indah, penuh kasih savang & gelak tawa bersama yang tercinta.

Hearts United, Homes Abloom

Let the warmth of family laughter fill every corner, and may shared meals strengthen the bonds that unite our hearts during this joyous Chinese New Year. It’s the auspicious Year of the Dragon!

Paramount Big Mega Win

Congratulations on your new home,” is what we often say at Paramount Property, because owning a new home is always a big win for anyone. Starting in July, we want to make any home purchase you make not just a win, but a Big Mega Win!

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