Oriental theme exudes warmth, glamour

The modern oriental interior for this 1,572 sq ft unit gives an instant injection of glamour.

Sept 26, 2019: MODERN oriental interior design is the new “in” thing that instinctively exudes warmth and intimacy, which is further enhanced with vibrant accent colours and natural flooring.

You can bring a sense of serenity to your home with delicate floral patterns for relaxed approach, stripped-back furniture, artworks featuring gentle patterns and ceramics in a variety of shapes.

Wood is used for natural colour.

There is also the popularity of indoor plants and bonsai, as well as the use of bamboo as a material for interiors.

Bonsai plants are potted miniature trees which are carefully styled to achieve an aesthetic effect. A bonsai can re-energise your home. The plants are believed to bring good luck and harmony, making them an excellent choice for your home.

Screens are making a comeback, too, as room dividers and decor accents.

Glass wall


You can give your home a glamorous makeover with an oriental design. Oriental colour palettes and patterns, such as of birds and flowers, can bring a sense of serenity into a space or make strong statements, particularly with unusual shapes and materials.

This amazing trend will give any home an instant injection of glamour, while creating a calm and serene environment.

Take for example the garden-villa show units at Berkeley Uptown Klang sales gallery, owned by Paramount Property. They offer modern oriental design, blending culture and function.

The limited-edition villas have 4+1 bedrooms and three bathrooms designed with functional spaces that will take your breath away.

Play with textures: The theme of “modern oriental” is carried through the introduction of wood-laminated ceiling to give the space an elegant and cosy feel in the living room while the black marble feature wall complements the wood, creating a luxurious effect.


Incorporate art: Chinese-inspired artwork is used to decorate the walls and a bonsai plant on the dining table makes a stunning statement, bringing an air of calm and class into the space.

Colour scheme: The living and dining rooms are fitted with brown leather seats, as well as marble and wood in earthy tones for a stylish and comfortable effect.

Living room

Laminated wall: Horizontal wood grain gives impression of wider space in the bedroom. Horizontal blinds are used to create illusion of wider space while floating cabinets with built in LED lights also make the space look bigger than it actually is by extending visual limits.

Opening up spaces: The original solid wall has been replaced with a glass wall to open up the space between the study and the dining/living space.