Sayangi Rumahku activities can reduce social ills, say volunteers

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 28): Participating in community activities and programmes such as the Sayangi Rumahku can help reduce social ills among PPR public housing scheme residents especially the youths, said members of the PPR Seri Cempaka public housing community who were among the volunteers who were helping to refurbish the previously dilapidated sports court at the PPR.

The volunteers who comprise mainly youths from the PPR were helping to apply layers of sealant to the freshly-paved sports court before painting began. 

The outdoor sports court was being repurposed and repainted into a vibrant and colourful multipurpose sports court (futsal, badminton and netball) under the Sayang Rumahku campaign which is a joint effort by, Paramount Property Development and Nippon Paint Malaysia.

“Activities like this are an excellent pastime for the children. Due to lack of certain amenities for instance, the previous dilapidated state of the sports court, the kids tend to venture elsewhere and may end up socialising with the wrong company,” PPR Seri Cempaka resident Nur Qamarina told

“The new sports court may lead to a safer and more comfortable community which in turn, improve the liveability here. I am very happy to be able to spend time with my friends here to beautify the place. I will definitely use this court here with the other children,” she added.

Another young volunteer, Mohammad Radzwill Azrai hoped for more sporting activities to fully utilise the new sports court later on. An avid futsal and football player, he added that he is very much looking forward to play with his friends here.

Syarifuddin Fahmi who was leading the PPR Seri Cempaka volunteers was grateful to all the parties involved in refurbishing the sports court.

“Getting the youths involved is definitely more meaningful and healthier than hanging out in malls or being constantly on their mobile phones,” he said.

The Sayangi Rumahku campaign is in support of the National Community Policy or Dasar Komuniti Negara (DKN) formulated by the Housing and Local Government Ministry. The DKN is aimed at improving the lives of the B40 group.