These nine property developers’ Ang Pow packets are works of art

Feb 1, 2019: In the olden days, the Ang Pow or red packets were literally just that — plain red envelopes that were used to wrap coins to be given to unmarried individuals or children by the elderly or married couples as a blessing during the Chinese New Year.

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While the old tradition of giving out Ang Pow is still widely practised by the Chinese around the world, the look and design of the Ang Pow packet itself has evolved tremendously into works of art. 

Today, many corporate companies give out beautifully designed Ang Pow packets to their customers as a form of appreciation and to showcase their brand.

Just take a look at these 2019 Chinese New Year Ang Pow packets by several well-known property developers in Malaysia. Some are minimalist while others are colourful and elaborate. The trend now it seems is to have multiple designs on a set of envelopes that together form another scene.

Scroll down and enjoy!

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

1. Paramount Property

Paramount’s Ang Pow packets come in a set of five featuring scenes of CNY celebrations. What’s interesting is that the five scenes become one when all five are lined up side by side! Each envelope also contains a wish for prosperity; for all dreams to come true; for longevity, wealth and good fortune.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

2. Eupe Corp Bhd

Similar to Paramount Property’s Ang Pow packets, those from Eupe come in a set of six designs which when arranged side-by-side transform into one complete scene of a Chinese New Year reunion meal. Printed on the back of each packet is a Chinese phrase that means “A happy reunion this Chinese New Year”.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

3.  Gamuda Land

Gamuda Land’s Ang Pow packet this year is a pull-out envelope that comes in three striking colours. The front of the outer layer is a cut-out of the Chinese character for “Completed” while the second layer offers the recipient the wish of “Delightful Contentment”.

4. S P Setia Bhd

S P Setia has taken the minimalist route with its simple Ang Pow design that highlights the Chinese character for “Fate” while another four Chinese characters on one side of the Ang Pow sums up the “Reunion” that is a significant tradition in the new year celebrations.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

5. LBS Bina Group Bhd

The Ang Pow packets from LBS come in two vibrant colours bearing double wishes. On the front in Chinese, the company “Wishes you the best of everything” while the back states “Harmony in a family brings success to everything, have a reunion to celebrate the New Year”.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

6. SkyWorld Development Group

SkyWorld turned creative by portraying the various Chinese characters that make up traditional CNY wishes in the form of “buildings”. There are four different designs conveying four wishes namely “Wishing you the best of everything”; “May there be a surplus, year after year”; “Big fortune”; and “Great profit all the time”.

7. Eco World Development Group Bhd

EcoWorld’s Ang Pow packets this year are in a rich dark red colour with gold highlights. Although the envelope opens horizontally, it sports a vertical design on the front with the Chinese phrase that translates to “New ideas” and a floral motif that when the flap is opened up, the motif becomes a complete circular one.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

8. Sunsuria Bhd

No longer red, one of Sunsuria’s Ang Pow packets is dressed in baby blue with pink plum flowers. Although it reflects the evolution of the Ang Pow packet in modern times, the wish on the packet however remains traditional “Big fortune and great profit”.

Developers ang pow design . Photo by :Low Yen Yeing

9. Mah Sing Group Bhd 

Place the front side of Mah Sing’s Ang Pow packet next to the back of another packet and you will see the skyline of Kuala Lumpur City Centre! On the front is a simple greeting in Chinese characters that means “Wishing you the best of everything”.