Cash Reward for Introducing Buyer Test

As a member of Paramount Property Circle, earn cash when you introduce our properties to your family and friends!*

Klang Valley

The Atrium

Serviced Apartment – RM4,000 each

Sejati Lakeside, Cyberjaya

2-Storey Terrace Homes

‧ 1% incentive on net selling price

2-Storey Superlink Homes

‧ 1% incentive on net selling price

Sejati Lakeside, Cyberjaya

2-Storey Semi-Detached Homes

‧ 1% incentive on net selling price

2.5-Storey Semi-Detached Homes

‧ 1% incentive on net selling price

ATWATER, Petaling Jaya

Serviced Apartment

‧ 1% incentive on net selling price

Berkeley Uptown, Klang

Uptown Residences

‧ Serviced Apartment: RM3,000 each
‧ Affordable Homes: RM500 each

Greenwoods Salak Perdana, Sepang

Greenwoods Belian

‧ Double-Storey Shop Office – RM 2,000 each

Greenwoods Keranji 2

‧ Double-Storey Terrace House – RM 2,000 each

Greenwoods Cendana

‧ Double-Storey Terrace House – RM 2,000 each

Sekitar26 Enterprise, Shah Alam

2-Storey Shop Offices

‧ 1% Incentive on net selling price

Affordable Shops

‧ RM1.000 each

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Bukit Banyan, Sungai Petani

Phase 9

‧ Amaryn 3 (2-Storey Terrace Homes) – RM 3,000 each

Phase 10

‧ BBBC (2-Storey Shop Office) – RM5,000 each

Laguna Merbok Business Park, Sungai Petani

Phase 13

‧ 2-Storey Shop Office - RM 5,000 each

Phase 14

‧ 1-Storey Shop House - RM 5,000 each

Bukit Banyan, Sungai Petani

Phase 7

‧ Sierra Elite 2A (2-Storey Bungalow) – RM10,000 each

Phase 8A

‧ Senni 3 (2-Storey Superlink) – RM3,000 each

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Utropolis Batu Kawan, Penang

Phase 1A

‧ Sensasi Commercial Suites - RM 4,000 each

Phase 2

‧ Suasana (Serviced Apartment) - RM 3,000 each

Phase 3

‧ Sinaran Residences (Serviced Apartment) - RM 2,000 each


*Applicable to Paramount Property Circle members only. Terms and conditions apply.

Paramount Maintains Positive Outlook from Improved Performance

PARAMOUNT Corporation Berhad (Paramount) posted RM5.024 million net profit for the quarter of the year from RM2.297 million a year ago.

Its revenue increased to RM168.1 million as compared to RM151.8 million posted in 1Q21.

Its property division for 1Q22 revenue was RM163.9 million, a 10% increase compared to that of the same period last year of RM149.6 million, which was driven by ongoing development projects such as ATWATER in Petaling Jaya, Sejati Lakeside in Cyberjaya, and Bukit Banyan in Sungai Petani.

On the back of the higher revenue coupled with the realisation of cost savings from certain completed and near-completion projects, the coworking division recorded a lower loss before tax (LBT) of RM0.3 million compared to a LBT of RM1.1 million in 1Q2021.

Paramount Group CEO Jeffrey Chew said, “The group has delivered an overall improvement in revenue and earnings as the country moves into endemicity.”

“The improved financial performance in 1Q2022 compared to the same period last year was mainly due to a higher profit contribution from the property division with fewer operational disruptions this quarter compared with the corresponding period last year.”

Six projects (including new phases of existing projects) are targeted for launch throughout the year with an estimated gross development value of RM1.3 billion.

Among the new projects lined up are the Arinna Kemuning Utama smart homes in Shah Alam; The Atera, a transit-oriented development project in Petaling Jaya situated next to the Asia Jaya Light Rail Transit Station; and Sejati Lakeside 2 landed homes in Cyberjaya.

“Despite the recent OPR hike of 25 basis points, the prevailing low-interest environment remains conducive for property demand. Malaysians with financial means will still look to property as a hedge against inflation.”

“With rising prices of properties, especially in established urban areas where land is getting scarce, coupled with the increase in building material costs, there are opportunities for capital gains in the long term,” said Chew.

“That said, we are mindful that the recovery of the property sector could be dampened by uncertainties related to the COVID-19 virus, any aggressive interest rate hike, the rising cost of living and lower spending power,” he concluded.